It doesn’t matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. You could be brainstorming ideas for your personal brand, in the design phase, already launching your own business or simply pushing ahead with growing it.

I build authentic and powerful personal brands and am here to assist you.

“We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You,” says Tom Peters, a world leader on the new economy.

Because remember, brands don’t just concern products. They’re about people, too. I’ll help people see your greatness and help you cultivate a reputation to match.

My role is to draw attention to the unique value you bring to your industry, by helping you create an authentic personal brand. In addition, as this brand becomes established, you’ll find you have a platform from which to confidently present yourself to the world.

However, each step demands its own, clear sequence of steps if you’re going to make the best use of your entrepreneurial time and resources. Doing so will certainly accelerate your growth in the marketplace.

Building a unique and stand-out brand requires focus, clarity and strategy, as well as insider knowledge and an instinct for putting the right ideas together that often only comes from experience.

All of the confusion you’re going through related to building your brand can be dissolved and turned around the moment you let an expert, such as myself, guide you.


  • You’re in need of an expert’s insight to help you clarify your most important next steps. After all, its important to make a stunning first-impression online, just as it is in person;
  • You’re a business owner that depends on people buying YOU, but you’re not quite sure how to communicate you as a brand
  • Want to find consistency between your offline and online self, so that you always feel like your true self
  • Would like that BIG promotion but realize your personal brand isn’t quite what it should be
  • You’re exhausted by the one-size-fits-all personal brand strategies that seem to appear in every second online article – which are either irrelevant to your business or require additional know-how (technical or otherwise) to implement;

You’re hungry to build a one-of-a-kind brand that sets you apart from the competition.

The Giraffe Brand Academy will save you hours of unnecessary research, will dial down the info overload, and will show you how the important pieces should fit together – so you can take action right away.

Whether you are starting or growing your business, or looking to expand yourself and your journey of personal growth, I am here to support you in doing so with so much more speed, ease, and joy.


Personal branding Extreme Makeover: Career Edition

Do you:

  • Want to finally get that promotion?
  • Want to be confident of your decision to head back to work after a break?
  • Feel uninspired by the route your career has taken, and want to make mindful changes?
  • Want to take the leap into entrepreneurship, but need a little strategic advice?

My coaching approach is all about practical support. We’ll uncover what’s been holding you back,  what your true motivations are and what feels authentic to you. Then we’ll set you a few pertinent goals.  What comes next is devising a strategy and planning how you’re going to work towards it, where I will equip  you with practical techniques to get you from “A” to Beyoncé-level “amazing”!

The Total Overhaul

  • 6 x 1hr one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype or face-to-face (location dependent). Read more about the three phases of this process below:

Phase One – Understanding You

This Personal Brand Call involves 2 x 60-minute superfocused chats, in which you’ll have opportunity to ask me  anything about your personal brand, branding, marketing or online brand-building. It’s the perfect time to map out where you want to be, and to streamline the plan that will help you get there. Phase one involves two deep-dive Skype sessions,  where we’ll uncover Your Truth – resulting in your own Personal Brand Strategy document. Are you doing what you’re  passionate about? If not, why not? How do we get you there? What’s your ultimate goal? What are your key character traits?  What are your values and natural talents? Where is your zone of genius? Can you feel it? Visualise it? Taste it? Let’s do this!

Phase Two – Marketing You

This portion of my coaching also involves 2 x 60-minute Skype sessions, but these will result in your Personal Brand Marketing toolkit.  Now that you’ve got your brand crystallised, let’s get you traction! This stage is all about plotting your place in the market, identifying  what differentiates you from competitors (whether it’s in business or just, y’know… life), honing your communication skills, and building a practical toolkit that will make you stand out from the competition.

Phase Three – Digitising You

Finally, we will head into the last 2 x 1 hour60-minute Skype sessions for an online-strategy deep dive. This is where we’ll put everything into action.  We will build you an online brand identity, and make sure you’ve got all the bells and whistles – a logo, a tagline, a colour palette – so you always  have consistency in your marketing endeavours, regardless of the platform. My aim will be to set you up and ensure that wherever you’re found online  – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn – people will find you. The same you, the authentic you, the consistent you that we’ve established  and begun to market, already. This is the most intense of our phases because this is where we build your network and ensure that you become a voice of  authority within it. The process could involve positioning you as a speaker at events, or creating a website/blog where you can begin to build your influence.  This is where you will really learn to stick your neck out with your personal brand.

Added Extras

  • Homework will be given between sessions and resources offered for enrichment reading;
  • Email support will be offered between sessions and for a month after the coaching programme concludes; and
  • You’ll have access to a password-protected client page, including notes and a recording of each session.

The Quick Fix

Gift yourself 90 minutes of with me, and let me help you, as I’ve helped hundreds of women, to really zoom in on what you need for your brand’s journey to online success!

What this session involves:

  • Deep dive questionnaire prior to the session, so that on the call we can get straight to the important stuff
  • 1 x 90 hr one-on-one coaching session via Skype or face-to-face (location dependent)
  • Detailed Action Plan document
  • Email support for two weeks after the session
  • 30 min follow-up call to check in on progress

What to Expect

  • We’ll start with a little prep work. Once you’ve booked your session with me, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill in and return to me ahead of our first meeting. The questionnaire is designed to help me get to know you, and will give me a sense of exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your brand. I also recommend that you send me your questions ahead of time, so I can prepare; this will allow our time together to be as effective as possible.
  • Then we’ll rendezvous on Skype or meet in person in Cape Town, South Africa for our Personal Brand Talk.
    You’ll have 90 minutes to ask me as many questions as we can fit in. While our chat will take the form of a conversation, I’ll keep the information flowing with responses that are as to-the-point and practical as possible. This will make it easy for you to take notes and record insights as and when they arise.
  • Last but not least, you’ll receive a recap email after our session, containing the highlights of what we’ve discussed. My aim is to ensure that you get optimal value from our time together and that you don’t miss any important details. To achieve this, I’ll send you a recap after our Brand Talk of my own notes, some highlights and a few key links to relevant resources, which you can refer to later whenever you wish to.


I’m Liezel, known to friends and fans as ‘The Giraffe’. The nickname stuck when designer Craig Jacobs referred to me in this way in one of his 2010 Sunday Times society columns – I was wearing a pair of  killer heels at the time, and I don’t think the comment was meant entirely politely.

However,  but I never took it that way and have since launched The Giraffe Brand Academy, through which I coach entrepreneurs and business owners on building their personal brands. By embracing and owning my best personal attributes, I’ve built my brand to the point where I feel highly qualified to help you take smart, strategic steps that will:

  • build your own brand; and
  • market you effectively and smartly online.

I am confident that my expertise is of value because of the awesome feedback  I’ve received since I kicked off this coaching journey almost 14 years ago. My accolades and qualifications (click through to my full story here/URL link through) include a decade in TV and radio presenting; a Masters Degree in Communication & Business Management; and a Degree in Human Resource Management.

Returning to my moniker, I find it highly apt that this long-necked creature towers above everyone else – and so has a better (clearer) view of the landscape around her. She may also “stick out her neck”, meaning that she’ll strive to do something even if the outcome is not currently 100 percent clear-cut, knowing with certainty that it is vitally important. Such is the impact of personal brand building!

Gift yourself 90 minutes of facetime with me, and let me help you, as I’ve helped hundreds of women, to really zoom in on what you need for your brand’s journey to online success!