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Personal Branding and Value: What is it, and How to use it for Business Success?

As I said in my monthly Media Online column, simply put: “Personal Branding is the effort to engage the world while wielding your authenticity, for mutually beneficial results. Your personal brand cannot thrive unless it presents a measure of value to this world. An effective personal brand may help you realise your dreams, but it should also manifest a positive impact on others, as well as driving business results.”

If you had to list what Personal Branding is not, well:

  • Personal Branding is not a series of glossy images on a slick website, which will automatically equal money.
  • Personal branding is not selling just anything trendy because you can.
  • Personal Branding is not influencing consumers without direction.

Wondering what your first step should be, in getting Personal Branding right?

Accept that you are a brand, and you will be on the right track to success.

Much like corporate and product brands (think Allan Grey or Nike), you are able to use the same marketing strategies in order to:

  • Build your personal brand
  • Get recognized
  • and leverage your Personal Brand to either sell products, get a job, or become a celebrity in your niche.

Did you know that there are two main reasons why individuals, like you and me, are labelled as brands?

Personal branding is not what you do or sell, but is more how you make people feel when they think of you, or are around you.

People often develop trust in brands when they balance a combination of:

  • Experience
  • Consistency in quality
  • And unique insights, which are delivered with a sense of authority.

Therefore, you should own your journey, and sell that expertise – THAT is excellent personal branding!

One of the greatest acts of good business and excellent personal branding, is adding value to your clients, and those that did not even know they might need your services, goods, or knowledge.

Those who have imparted wisdom – in short bursts like a quick hair styling tip online weekly, to long-form like a “How To change a tire” guide – have reaped the benefits of local and international popularity for their generosity, raised their public and business profile, garnered more possibility for business opportunities, and so much more. Communities have been cultivated, and business connections made, when entrepreneurs and executives take what they know and offer solutions and answers to the people that need it.

Therefore, there is a wealth of benefits to you sharing business tips of value to your clients and audiences – start today!

Need more substantial motivation to consider developing your Personal Brand?

With the power afforded to you by a stellar Personal Brand you have worked on, you will be able to hit 4 executive milestones every businessperson should be aspiring for, like:

  1. You will have the tools needed to navigate communications with clients, investors, the media, and yourself – because checking in with yourself is also an important part of maintaining a good brand.
  2. A picture containing text, person, suit, necktie

Description automatically generatedYou will have a higher perceived value in the business world.

Your brand is directly linked to your credibility. If you portray yourself as an expert in your field, you can charge more for your services and will be more likely to recover from a job loss or other downfall.

  • You will be set up to gain greater trust in people.

Trust is not something to take lightly, when success in the world, is a goal. When people feel they know you and your values because of your personal brand, they will trust you more. This will lead to increased business opportunities, career advancements, and more. It inspires trust in your potential clients, and trust within a community. You will gain trust from investors and even garner respect across the board.

  • You will be a hot commodity that stands out from the crowd!

Being authentic and unique, is currency. People will look to you for wisdom and quality recommendations, services, or goods. The noise of too many people in your industry, wont be a problem, when your Personal Brand is strong and clear. You will be a beacon, a source of interest, and a guiding light towards solving the problems and needs of your clients.


Now that you understand the importance of building your personal brand to yield valuable returns, start to develop your own personal brand. Your first task if you want to take your power to succeed now, is with you understanding your own strengths and your unique attributes – working through my helpful Personal Brand Workbook now available to you FOR FREE!

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