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Autumn has been used by many, as a time for taking stock – ruminating on what has happened, fussing over the present, and anticipating the future.
What better way to start each week this season, than by fine-tuning your Personal Brand?


This proactive action will position you perfectly, to capitalise on any upcoming opportunities within your industry, and also within the broader marketplace of which your business forms an integral part.

Great content is key here – whether it is created for the speech you are writing for an MC event; what you’re telling your radio listeners when you review a product or service on air; having the insight to share your knowledge at conferences or networking events; or the blog posts you put out on your website which allows readers to take their small businesses (or entrepreneurial goals) to the next level.

Following this value-adding business strategy – optimising 10-15min of your time per day, while giving so much more back – as part of your repertoire as an entrepreneur, will allow you to fire up your personal brand so that you’re standing tall to walk the talk this Autumn.


  • Week 1
  1. To differentiate your brand, consider what makes you unique.
  2. Information is power! Get creative when you update your Facebook bio & contact info.
  3. You are a gatekeeper of knowledge, so share your knowledge on Facebook Fan Pages related to your area of expertise.
  4. Be patient. Creating a credible and lasting brand takes time.
  5. Be Visible and Accessible.

  • Week 2
  1. Become a Thought Leader, offering valuable answers to the questions asked by people on Facebook & LinkedIn.
  2. Expand your horizons! Engage other blogs related to your area of expertise, in a meaningful way.
  3. Dazzle prospective investors, clients, and competitors alike, by cultivating an intriguing & factual LinkedIn profile.
  4. You are your brand – quite literally! Reflect your professionalism by updating your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile pictures, with headshots that sell.
  5. Live your brand in everyday life, not only online.

  • Week 3
  1. You’re allowed to be an entrepreneur with personality online. Complete your Twitter profile, with a snappy, informative bio.
  2. Your Subscription anywhere, has value – to them & you. Develop your Personal Brand by learning and engaging through some Youtube Channel subscriptions.
  3. Connect and stay connected. The development of your personal brand, and ultimately, your ability to capitalize on it, is derived from the connections you make.
  4. Use the power of storytelling to get your Personal Brand thriving forever. You’ll occupy real estate in the minds of your connections.
  5. Share your Personal Brand with the world. Create a Facebook Business Page and start sharing content.
  • Week 4
  1. Every email you send, should have your Personal Brand stamped all over it. Use an email signature which invites people to connect to you via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  2. Upskill yourself, by learning how to use Google AdWords – even if you aren’t planning for a brand-enhancing campaign just yet.
  3. Don’t forget to network in Real life
  4. People can really rally behind you, when they’ve experienced the realities of your journey. Don’t be scared to show the struggles and the triumphs.
  5. Be authentic and Real.

How did our 20 tips, 5 per week for the 4 weeks of March, help you stride confidently into Autumn? Mail me or get in touch on Twitter @liezelv to tell me which of the points I covered worked out best for you!

…And if a few things didn’t work out quite so well, then email me to find out more about how you could benefit from The Giraffe Academy’s thorough coaching programs.

I look forward to hearing back soon.

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