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The Clubhouse App: A How-To Guide to Business and Branding Success

Are you struggling to figure out what Clubhouse is, and what use it has for building a successful business and developing your personal brand?

As a successful Personal Branding Coach with a finger on the pulse of everything fresh and useful for my client’s needs around the world, I have all the information you need on this Clubhouse App that everyone is buzzing about. I will be breaking down Clubhouse for you out there, who want to know: What it is, who is on it, and how YOU can use it to great brand and business success.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is another Social Media platform; But don’t be daunted, because its format will serve your brand and business interests equally, if not better than the other platforms available. Clubhouse is different because it concentrates everything to audio, so that you have all the perks of social networking, but with only audio being the primary tool to engage. Therefore, Clubhouse is like a live and interactive podcast.

In the interest of full disclosure, there is just one catch to the Clubhouse app right now though: You can’t just join Clubhouse, which is also only available on iPhone/IOS devices currently. A person needs to be invited by an existing Clubhouse user firstly. If you know somebody that is already in and using the app, then brush up on your communication skills, and ask them for an invite into the exclusive app. These people are the current bouncers of a club you want to get in to.

Wondering what to do once you’re into Clubhouse?

Much like a club, once you are logged in to the Clubhouse app, you can start by roaming about this virtual place filled with “themed” rooms – each one different than the next; with people talking about different topics on a “stage”, and an audience of listeners who can include you should you step into the room.

Additionally, you too can contribute to the Clubhouse discussions that are underway, as long as you raise your hand as the app allows, and the hosts cue you in when they feel it is time to give you “the stage”.

Want to know why Clubhouse is important for your business and personal brand?

Clubhouse is an app which doesn’t have a VIP section, and that means that you could be engaging meaningfully with people from all walks of life, from CEOs to successful coaches. There are ordinary citizens of other lands, who discuss politics, music, culture and so much more. There is even Elon Musk chatting about investments, space exploration, and maybe even parenting sometime soon.

I have a weekly Clubhouse discussion session every Thursday at 3pm CAT (links always available the day before, and day of, on my social networks), providing my audience with Personal branding basics, tips which will develop their own branding strategies, and insights as an industry insider, relating to Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications.

YOU too have the opportunity to host a discussion on any topic you wish, with whoever enters your themed virtual room, and that means:

1. Forging Connections

2. Negotiating Deals

3. Educating People

4. Gathering Vital Tips on: tech, people, business, and more – sometimes from Experts who were previously harder to get to

5. and Showcasing who you are and what you do, to a world of different people that it would have been hard to gather together pre-pandemic.

So, what is Clubhouse?

It’s the audio-only chat app, that you need to get in on! And here are 3 guides to making the most of the Clubhouse app:

1. Figure out what your objective is: Am I here to learn, to educate, to network, or something else?

2. Make your Clubhouse time, a meeting time – carving out maybe 20min – 1hr for it three (3) times a week, so that you don’t waste time.

3. Make notes, without drastically changing your business or brand strategy quickly. Take the time to do more research, think, and plan before realigning. Don’t get swept up in the excitement of fresh discovery.

You should be excited about what Clubhouse can do for you and your personal brand, as well as what you can offer people all over the world – Remember, never do anything online that is not of value to others too!

This is an app that wont rush you, or pressure you to have an eye out on insights to gauge your “success”. With Clubhouse, you have the opportunity to settle in wherever you are on any day, and make meaningful conversations, upskill yourself, or wind down with a fun and interesting discussion of your choosing. Give Clubhouse a chance!

My handle is @LiezelOnline on Clubhouse, and you can private message me if you need any guidance, tips or recommendations on who to follow, or even which cool rooms I’ve recently found.

Happy Clubbing!

Here’s more tips and insights in my latest video tutorial on Clubhouse

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