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The Giraffe Journey: How My Entrepreneurship Got a Boost from My Personal Brand

Towering is what my Personal Brand focuses on.

I have successfully coached clients around the world on how to tower above the competition by using their own personal brands.

Standing tall and showcasing is what makes you unique, it is also one of the topics I focus on in my Speaking Engagements.

I tower as an Emcee that stays booked and busy because I stand apart from the rest.

Towering – a defining feature of Giraffes – is something I have embraced and tried to pass on as a message which is,‘ to stay true to your uniqueness’. However, it wasn’t always like this.

Here’s the story of this giraffe…

I got my height from my dad, and my tenacity from my mum. However, it was my sister who helped me truly embrace my height, and I am who I am because of all of them and many others who pushed me into eventually towering.

School was never really a walk in the park, especially with ‘kids being kids’ and pointing to my height like it was something to be ashamed of. Their teasing made me feel anxious and insecure about my height.

But bullies aren’t limited to just school.

While in the workforce, gathering my experience and trying to build my own network, I encountered the same level of teasing – perhaps joking at times, but often it was mean-spirited.

I eventually learned to ‘quieten my shine’ and even my posture changed to the point of almost an apology because I was moving so much closer to the clouds than the others

However, things were changing in my professional future. Opportunities sprung up for me to pursue a career in the entertainment and media world and to be at the forefront of both disciplines doing gigs and gathering publicity.

But, one day the coverage got to me.

The fashion designer, and then Sunday Times editor, Craig Jacobs, referred to my equally tall sister (who is 1.87m tall) and me as “the giraffe sisters” in a Society Page article on an event we’d attended in Cape Town.

I was mortified, and my sister was pumped!

I couldn’t believe it.

My sister has always been one to look at things differently. I just followed her lead and eventually embraced the nickname that the fashion pages teasingly adopted and I started to reach new heights in my life, in my confidence, and in my career.

My name is Liezel van der Westhuizen – Nickname? The Giraffe.

I am a Personal Branding Coach, a global Emcee, as well as a Television and Radio Presenter, and a Speaker of renown.

Whether it’s an event, a show, or a fellow entrepreneur, no matter where, my business is towering. I help clients – whether they are blue chip companies, small business entrepreneurs, or even job seekers – to stand out in their industries and fields of business.

Utilizing the pillars of a stellar Personal Brand, I guide people to the truth of who they are, how they can package their identity just right and how their ideal market would respond to a specific brand. I also show them how to rebrand negative press, and so much more.

You can be the Thought Leader you’ve always wanted to be.

You can get that promotion and score that ideal client.

You can stand tall with what makes you unique.

All you need to do is find the success you deserve and embrace your own inner Giraffe!


Reach out to me by emailing to ask any advice on your personal brand and how to  tap into your inner Giraffe.

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